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Diamondville was once a mining community on Butte Creek. It has now passed into oblivion. It was located two and one-half miles above the Covered Bridge on Centerville Road.

In the early 1850 immigrants began to arrive in Butte Creek Canyon and many of them were Chinese. They made up a substantial part of Diamondville. The Chinese would mine and pan the dirt that white man wouldn't look at.

A reporter of the San Francisco Evening Bulletin said of Diamondville, "At one time it could boast of two or three stores and as many saloons, a big hotel, several boarding houses and a daily stage from Oroville."

In 1878 a school was built and classes were held for several years at the original site. In 1888 a new school was built on the east side of Butte Creek facing Honey Run Rd, a short distance above the Covered Bridge. In 1926 the school was annexed to Centerville.

To learn more about Diamondville visit the Centerville Colman Memorial Community Museum.

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