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The Canyon Ladies

The Canyon Ladies are a group of canyon women residents that meet the last Thursday every month for  social activities (e.g. games, crafts projects, movies, cooking). In the past, our Canyon Ladies have been involved in fundraising project aimed at improving the canyon community experience. Canyon Lady fundraising projects have ranged from quilt making (see our quilt in Centerville Schoolhouse) to cookbook publishing (see below).

These collective efforts have yielded important community gifts. The "Welcome to Butte Creek Canyon" wall and lettering at the head of the canyon was a project designed by the Canyon Ladies. This project is in memory to Canyon Lady member Rachel Westlund. The new stove/furnace in the Centerville schoolhouse  is the most recent gift from the Canyon Ladies. 

If you are interested in joining one of our meetings, contact Diana Dean 521-7859.

"Making it With the Canyon Ladies: Giving you the Bare Necessities of Life" was a joint effort and fundraiser for the Centerville Recreation and Historical Association (CRHA). This cookbook was the brain child of Rachel Westlund. Her vision was to create a cookbook representing Butte Creek Canyon's rich history of cooperation and fellowship, was well as providing an opportunity to showcase great recipes in the process. This cookbook is not longer in print. You have to see it to believe it. Canyon women shared more than you can imagine to make this book possible. Ask to see and possibley purhase a limited copy at the Centerville Museum.


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