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Butte Creek Canyon Volunteer Fire Department (BCCVFC)

firecpoThrough the generous contributions from Canyon Residents and some help from Butte County Fire, the Butte Creek Canyon Volunteer Fire Company has a new rescue squad vehicle. It is a Ford F550, 4 wheel drive, now in service. It is a first response vehicle, outfitted for medical emergencies, as well as fire response. The squad vehicle has a 250 gallon water tank.

Thank you Canyon Residents for your contributions

Butte Creek Canyon Volunteer Fire Company needs your help!

BCCVFC's goal is to replace Engine 27 that is now 27 years old. It is no longer reliable and the equipment is outdated. Butte County wants BCCVFC to have at least 2 operational engines in the Canyon and will help in acquiring a new vehicle. However, at the cost of approximately $100,000 for a newer used engine, we hope Canyon residents will again contribute generously to help provide for their own safety.

Make your checks payable to BCCVFC and mail to:

P.O.Box 3171
Chico, CA. 95927

All contributions are tax-deductible


  • Create 100 feet of defensible space around your home. Clear dead grass,dry leaves, brush and low branches away. Don't let your house be a 'loser' in case of a fire.
  • No outdoor burning of any kind until fire ban is lifted in the fall/winter
  • Order your reflective address signs, $15 one-sided, $20 for two-sided, by calling 345-4111

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